Black skinny jeans with high waist, but also torn or even cut – must have

Some garments are very easy to match, among them black jeans. They can be worn with a T-shirt or a blouse of almost any color, ideally to have a contrast of shades to highlight each piece.

Most women prefer black skinny or slim fit jeans. They mold to the feet, giving them a pleasant appearance. It is already known that everything that is black is thinner in appearance.

Lately we can see that the most worn jeans are those torn at the knees or cut in various areas. They are ideal for casual style, being the best choice if you want a light look, but also modern at the same time.

Other women’s models that are also sought after have the following characteristics: they are elastic, tapered, have a high waist and have all kinds of leather inserts or pockets. Also women and girls prefer in some cases even the most flared or jumpsuit style.

In the answear and zoot online stores you will find a wide range of black jeans, quite cheap, but also of quality, considering that they belong to famous brands. Here are some of the most sought after names: Only, Cars, Dorothy Perkins, Tally Weijl, Haily’s, Medicine, Vila, Missguided and Levi’s.

The Bershka universe tries to include as many product categories as possible. This time we will talk about Bershka jeans. They are specially created to create good mood. Most women are looking for more colorful Bershka jeans that don’t necessarily fit the classic patterns.

Besides color, another equally important criterion is the design. In the case of the Bershka brand, the tour is a must in any new collection. Likewise, the skinny or straight ones will always find their place in the top preferences of the fans of this brand.

In addition to blouses or dresses, Zara brings to the fore the newest models of jeans this year as well. Zara pairs for women cover quite varied styles: from skinny, to conical or even flared.

As for the category for men, the pants are either tapered or straighter or skinny. The colors can be warmer, more classic or even more vivid. It depends on each style he wants to approach at a certain time of day.

Being fashionable is not enough because you have to convey a certain condition, and shorts made of jeans or other light materials do exactly that. Being tight on the body and very short, it gives you a much bolder and more attractive attitude. Your feet will be highlighted in the most sensual way, and if you wear a pair of shoes or sandals with high heels the recipe is successful.

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