The best-selling air conditioners of 2020

Sometimes the multitude of offers that contain air conditioners is so great that you can hardly decide which ones are best for you.

The year 2020 comes with new top models that are required both by their technical characteristics, but also by the affordable price they have.

From what we noticed in the emag store we distinguish several categories of devices that can be considered as the best-selling or bestseller: those with inverter, with a general capacity of 12000 btu, which belong to the Star-Light, Daikin or Samsung brand, as well as those portable.

We will take them one by one and we will briefly point out some general features of them, as well as some recommendations of popular models that you can find on emag.


Inverter technology is one of the best innovations of the latest generation, which is found in the most powerful air conditioners. This causes the compressor to operate in such a way as to save energy, but also to offer maximum efficiency.

We present 6 of the best-selling inverter air conditioning products: Star-Light ACM-12BIN, Heinner HAC-12INVB Inverter, Whirlpool SPIS 412L Inverter, Gree Lomo GWH12QB-K3DNB8, LG Standard Plus P09EN and Mitsubishi MSZ-DM35 Inverter.

12000 BTU

If we take into account the general capacity or cooling capacity, then air conditioners with 12000 btu are the most sought after. The reason is quite clear, namely the fact that they can be used in medium-sized rooms, which are found in most homes or apartments.

Our recommendations in this category include 6 models preferred by many emag store customers: Star-Light ACM-12WIFI, LG Standard Plus P12EN, Samsung AR12KSWSBWKNZE, Gree GWH12QB-K3DNA1C, Mitsubishi MSZ-HJ35 Inverter and Whirlpool SPIW 412L.


This brand enjoys a great popularity during the summer, a fact highlighted by the large number of reviews that its models gather. Probably the most well-founded reasons are: the affordable price and the complexity of the features that each model has.

In addition to the basic functions of cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification, they pleasantly surprise us with more special ones such as: autorestart, self-cleaning, timer, remote wifi control or sleep-night mode.

The most representative products of this brand are the following: Star-Light ACM-09BIN, Star-Light ACM-18BIN, Star-Light ACMP-12A, Star-Light ACM-12AR, Star-Light ACM-09WIFI and Star-Light ACM- 18WIFI.


Another internationally recognized brand is Daikin. Its devices have a solid structure and a compact design. Their quality and reliability are highlighted by the fact that they have a fairly large warranty covering a period of 36 months.

The dust and anti-allergenic filters they are equipped with manage to create a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms where they are installed. The most popular items are: Daikin FTX35J3-RX35K Inverter, Daikin FTXB25C-RXB25C, Daikin FTXB35C-RXB35C, Daikin FTXB50C-RXB50C, Daikin FTXB60C-RXB60C and Daikin Professional FTX


As we are accustomed to, the famous Samsung brand stands out in almost every field of home appliances, especially in the one with air conditioners. What makes them stand out are the state-of-the-art BLDC compressors and the ultra-compact design of the indoor units.

We recommend the following models that definitely occupy leading positions in customer preferences: Samsung AR09KSFHBWKNZE, Samsung AR09KSWSBWKNZE, Samsung AR12MSFHBWKNEU, Samsung AR12MSPXBWKNEU, Samsung AR18MSFPEWQNEU and Samsung AR24MSFPEWQNEU.

Portable (mobile)

Their main quality is that they can be easily moved from one room to another, and their installation is not done on the wall, but is placed on the floor. As a capacity, they are quite good, being able to face smaller or medium-sized rooms.

Some of them even have functions and cooling capacities close to the standard ones. From what I noticed during the summer, they are preferred by more and more people, being practical and easy to use.

In the following list you can discover 6 of the most capable portable air conditioners: Trotec PAC 2000E, Star-Light ACMP-09A, Argo Slimmy 9000 btu, Carrier PC-09HPPD, Trotec PAC 2600 S and Whirlpool PACW12CO.

We hope you found our recommendations useful and that you have a much clearer idea of ​​what products are most sought after on the market. We wish you a pleasant summer and to enjoy as much as possible the desired thermal comfort in your homes.

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